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Harriet and I are glad you visited... we established this blog as a sort of question and answer forum for all of you who are working through the Quilter's Academy book series.
It is also a place to find a list of the errata from the books-
You can find those by looking back through the archived blogs.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Welcome Back, Quilter!

Greetings, fellow fabric fanatics! Allow me to extend the warmest of welcomes to all you readers, both those who were loyal followers in the past and those who have just stumbled upon us.

My name is Anna. Since January, I have had the absolute pleasure of working at Harriet's quilt store, Harriet's Treadle Arts in Colorado. Although I am an intermediate garment sewer at best, I am an absolute beginner to quilting. In order to better serve our customers, and for the somewhat selfish reason of wanting to create handmade heirlooms for my family, I am embarking on a quest to learn to quilt with confidence. Please follow along as I work my way through the Quilter's Academy series!

If you have questions regarding any of the lessons or techniques in the Quilter's Academy series, or if you have any helpful tips to share, please feel free to leave a comment at any time. Our intent is for this blog to act as a supplement to the series, a forum where questions are answered and above all, a source of encouragement and inspiration to all creative minds.

Thank you for reading, and as always...

Happy Quilting!



  1. Looking forward to seeing your progress and quite possibly both of us learning together!

  2. Are there any News about when Vol 5 will be available

    1. C&T Publishing told me it would be out at the end of this year

  3. I have just finished Vol. 1 and starting Vol 2! I am one of those that did not have any previous sewing experience before quilting, so this course has been wonderful in explaining all the details that I was absolutely clueless about. LOL. (fabric grain, pressing, measuring, etc). I've been blogging about my journey through the course at Quilter's Nest: http://homeinboise.blogspot.com/
    Come check it out!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your posts and this site active :)

  4. I'm currently trying the Presencia 60/3 thread and I'm experiencing a lot of thread breaks (more than other 50wt. threads). Is anyone else having the same issues?

  5. I have just purchased Quilter's Academy Vols. 1-5. I discovered there is a 6th volume...the PhD Year. When will it be available for purchase? I have been unable to find it. Thank you!

  6. I want to make the four patch chain on point and read through your directions. I found some white fabric I had on hand 1 2/3 exactly and I found I didn't have enough for the setting triangles. I cut 12 1 1/2 " and 10 2 1/2" . What did I do wrong?

  7. I just finish the first book. I will be, soon be quilting. But, before, I want to read Heirloom Machine Quilting.
    In that quilting book, I notice a quilt which I love to do: Yong's man fancy , Advance beginner.
    Could some one tell me if the border is done with Half quare triangles?
    Tank you,
    Arline Bourdages

  8. Do you have a pattern for Harriet's quilt, Homeward Bound, shown in QA Vol 3?

  9. I am interested in purchasing Volume 6.When will it be available to purchase?

  10. I am interested in purchasing Volume 6.When will it be available to purchase?

  11. I just stumbled on this blog -- is it true that there was a welcome posting in 2015 and there have been no follow-ups since then? I'm on the Log Cabin Project and have discovered yet another math error -- I was hoping, before continuing, I could find the promised errata sheet.

  12. Is this blog obsolete? I am a longtime quilter, but I have recently purchased volumes 1-4. I am doing some of the exercises, just not the projects. I started on the Freshman year final exam.. is there a place where we can find out if we calculated correctly?

  13. i started following this series 3 years ago electronically but then bought the paperbacks which i am currently working through. i have noticed match errors so an updated list would be great, especially as its aimed at beginners, apart from that the series are great and i have made 5 quilts so far. no blog though.

  14. I have volumes 1-5. Does anyone know if they're still planing on writing a volume 6? Also, is there an errata listing located on this website?