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Harriet and I are glad you visited... we established this blog as a sort of question and answer forum for all of you who are working through the Quilter's Academy book series.
It is also a place to find a list of the errata from the books-
You can find those by looking back through the archived blogs.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Long time- no see!
It's been some time since we have posted on our blog- mostly because we have been busy planning Volume 5 of the series.
For those of you following and working through the books here's the skinny on Volume 5...
Volume 5 will be all about Medallion quilts. But you don't have to love or even like Medallions to enjoy this book- more than anything this book is about pieced borders. So if you have always wondered how to make a pieced border fit your quilt- we can help you.
In this volume we will go in to the math and techniques for creating a pieced border to fit your quilt perfectly!
And if you happen to be into Medallion quilts- we will walk you through designing your own as well as sharing a number of new and old Medallion quilts with you!

Something to look forward too! We are just in the final stages of writing and making the quilts- we will turn the manuscript into C&T in June and it will likely be available for you to purchase late summer of 2014.
In the meantime- keep working on the projects and exercises in Volumes 1-4! And let us know if you have questions! We are always available to help!

Thanks! & Happy Quilting-
Harriet & Carrie