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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I was so excited to hear from Annie. I had such a grand time in Ohio with all the wonderful ladies in my classes. I was certainly jazzed in each class by the enthusiasm and work ethics of my students. No whining and diligent work and great results.

Annie has started a blog to record her progress, and I agree with her that this is a wonderful way to start a community of students of Quilter's Academy. The camaraderie that could be developed and the support system could be wonderful. I know that I enjoy checking in with Lesley and adding any tidbit of info I can to help things along. I would love to have the opportunity to do this for anyone working through the book. It gives me a direct link to students that don't have an opportunity to be in one of my classes.

We just received the preview copies of Volume 2 yesterday and Carrie and I are really excited about this book. Now we just need to see the graph paper.

Please go to Annie's blog and check her out - annnonomus.blogspot.com - and please pass on this blog sight to anyone you know that might benefit from it, or wants to go through the book. We can handle it much like homeschooling!
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  1. Hi I feel so inept. I started lesson 3 and I folded and ironed the fabric as it says. Then I fold it again crosswise with cut sides together. Is that wrong? I then go to lesson 4 and it says fold selvage edges together, then it says fold again so the fabric is 11" wide. Does that mean I folded it wrong in lesson 3? I though crosswise meant to put the cut ends together? So now in lesson 4 I unfolded and matched selvage to fold? Is this correct?

  2. Don't feel inept - I'm a very visual learner. The second fold would be selvages to the creaseline you ironed. I've found that it helps to see if my torn edges are aligned and I did find in cutting last night that it was easier to cut the 11ish inches than the 22ish - less ruler wiggling - though it does take more ironing up front. The step you took in Lesson 4 is the one to take in Lesson 3.

    The nice thing I'm finding at this stage of learning is that the worst I can do to myself is have to re-iron or rip out a seam...

    I'm hoping I become more comfortable with the pressing portion of the preparation. Right now I feel a bit klutzy with the iron.

    Cheers, K