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Harriet and I are glad you visited... we established this blog as a sort of question and answer forum for all of you who are working through the Quilter's Academy book series.
It is also a place to find a list of the errata from the books-
You can find those by looking back through the archived blogs.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

YEA!! Volume 2 is in the house! We just got back from Quilt Market and did a couple of book signings for Volume 2. We talked to many shop people who are using Volume 1 in the classroom with really great results. We were really excited to hear the progress and success of their students.

Carrie just finished quilting her quilts for Volume 3 and her quilting is wonderful. I can't believe the progress she has made. Like Lesley, she makes all the tops first, then settles in for the quilting marathon. The last two were almost twin size, so she really got a workout. I am really excited about Volume 3 - will be out next March. There are about 20 projects!

We would really like to hear of your success and progress if you are working through the series. Lesley is great about posting regularly on her blog showing her progress. How are the rest of you doing? C&T forgot to put the blog address in the 3rd printing of Volume 1 AND in Volume 2, so this is going to be much slower to get the address out to everyone without access of all the book buyers to the blog site. Please spread the word.

I am now working on the quilt designs for Volume 4. The quilts are getting more difficult, more beautiful, and lots more quilting. I can't wait for the quilting part.

Happy sewing!