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Monday, May 24, 2010

YEA!! Volume 2 is in the house! We just got back from Quilt Market and did a couple of book signings for Volume 2. We talked to many shop people who are using Volume 1 in the classroom with really great results. We were really excited to hear the progress and success of their students.

Carrie just finished quilting her quilts for Volume 3 and her quilting is wonderful. I can't believe the progress she has made. Like Lesley, she makes all the tops first, then settles in for the quilting marathon. The last two were almost twin size, so she really got a workout. I am really excited about Volume 3 - will be out next March. There are about 20 projects!

We would really like to hear of your success and progress if you are working through the series. Lesley is great about posting regularly on her blog showing her progress. How are the rest of you doing? C&T forgot to put the blog address in the 3rd printing of Volume 1 AND in Volume 2, so this is going to be much slower to get the address out to everyone without access of all the book buyers to the blog site. Please spread the word.

I am now working on the quilt designs for Volume 4. The quilts are getting more difficult, more beautiful, and lots more quilting. I can't wait for the quilting part.

Happy sewing!


  1. How about a rubber stamp with the forgotten address.....

  2. Have you seen this blog? It's about her experiences working through the projects in your book. Wonderful!


  3. Great news about volume 2, can't wait till it comes in the mail. Looking forward to seeing the projects.

  4. 20 Quilts! Yikes - I'm going to have to start serious stash building. Bring it on!!!!!!!!

  5. I have all the tops done in Volume 1 and have the machine quilting done on 2 of them. Have been quilting for awhile but am learning lots. got the bug in the Burbank class! Have ordered vol 2 from Amazon Canada so not here until the end of June. Love the book. doreen in Alberta

  6. I have to tell of the success I've had with the simplest of "lessons" in Quilter's Academy Vol. 1. It is the lessons on pressing and using spray starch. I am currently in a monthly club making blocks each month. They were supposed to come out a certain size and mine never did even when I did the cutting and piecing 100% correct. It was the third important lesson of pressing correctly. After I started using the pressing method in the book, my blocks have been right on! Thank you Harriet and Carrie for your "silent" help!

  7. Not sure why it took so long, but I've found you!! Will put your blog on my sidebar and look forward to keeping up with your Quilt Academy doings!

  8. I posted a comment about my beginning experience working through the exercises. I know it builds on each lesson and I want to do it just right. Can someone answer my questions? please email me. Now where is that post?

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  11. Hi Harriet and Carrie, I'm blogging about your book as well on www.quilterrits.blogspot.com. The rits stands for Raised in the South. Please visit and review my progress, any comments and/or constructive criticism you may want to share is most welcome! Brenda G

  12. Hi Harriet & Carrie:
    I am an experienced "piecer" and progressivly learning how to quilt. Vol I is a great book! It took me back to basics and I had to re-learn techniques that had become bad habits. I will be giving this book to my daughter who has taken an interest in quilting. Yeah!

  13. Hi Harriet & Carrie,

    I learned about your book through the Quilting Board - Quilter's Message Board and ordered it in late May.

    Then inspired by Leslie have also started to blog my way through the Academy: Quilting with Corgis - http://quiltingcorgis.blogspot.com/

    So far, it has been extremely helpful and I can already see improvement in skills.

    I enjoy seeing how other people are approaching the color combination and patterns.

    Cheers, K

  14. aloha nui loa harriet and carrie-i often wonder what you have been up to! I moved to the upper pennisula of michigan in may 07. what a diff! i love it here! i love the snow! and we are supposed to get quite a bit this year. would be nice to see you again some time. take care and be safe. susan kinkki

  15. I have begun blogging about your "Quilter's Academy" books to keep a journal about my progression through learning to piece and quilt my own quilts. Thank you for your series...it is a lot of dedication on your part to create six books and that inspires me to keep going. I was able to take Harriet's class last fall - I encourage anyone who is able to do so. You will learn so much...I blogged about the class here: www.rocknquilts.blogspot.com