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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hello to everyone that have posted. I do realize that if I wrote more, you all would too! LOL Welcome to all the new quilters that are finding out about the books. We really appreciate your help in spreading the word to new quilters who could learn so much by working through the books. Carrie and I truly are interested in helping everyone improve their skills so that we can get back to making awesome original quilts without having to be an artist or designer.

I have been busy piecing hexagons and diamonds, and actually having fun doing it. It is time consuming, and I am finding it hard to illustrate and write about the different shapes. By the time you are all through Volume 3, you will be ready to settle in to some really fun piecing. It is really restful, since you can't speed piece these shapes.

Boot Camp - we are having the first one this month. The ladies are really up for some long sewing days. We are going to try to get through the entire book in 5 days. They will be making 3 - 4 quilt tops, depending on how fast they sew. I am excited to see how this all goes. I know they will be long days for some - we will be working most days from 9:30 in the morning to 9:30+ in the evening. The best part is Carries meals - my personal favorite part. We will be scheduling more Boot Camps for machine quilting, machine applique, and Quilter's Academy 1 and 2 later in the year for 2011. The new web site will enable us to notify everyone about what is going on and making the supplies more easily available.

Keep the postings coming. It's really good to hear from all of you!


  1. Wow. The boot camp sounds intense! But probably the only way to get that much dedicated time for sewing without distractions.

    Cheers, K

  2. I want to go to a boot camp, so I am looking forward to your new website to be up and running soon.

  3. Hi. I want to let you know that I am working through the lessons in volume 1. it is FANTASTIC!

    I have started a blog at http://azquiltjourney.blogspot.com.

    I am not very good at blogging so it is really simple. I would rather spend my time learning to quilt!


  4. I don't know if you answer questions here or not, but as I was working through the area on realigning fabric in Quilter's Academy book 1 class 201, lesson three, you say to use spray starch and I was wondering if something like one of the wrinkle releasers (Tide's Swash or Downey Wrinkle Release) would work for this step. I'm hesitant to use these products on my quilting fabric because I don't know exactly what's in them, but I have a couple of really stubborn creases and have been tempted to use the wrinkle releaser to get them out.

  5. I'm from Australia and I only recently discovered volumes 1 and 2 ... and I love them. I'm relatively new to the quilting world and it's been a revelation to have in writing some things that I've found to be evident. I'm now waiting excitedly for vol 3 to become available so I can continue my education.

  6. We just got the proof round for Volume 3 and we are really excited about this book. It is planned to be released in May. The page count has been increased for just this book because of the vast amount of information that is in it - from half square triangles to drafting feathered stars!
    We are really delighted that more and more people find out about these books and are having such wonderful success with the processes. As Cax@Oz says, all t his should have been evident, but only if someone has been taught it.
    Happy piecing!