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Monday, January 21, 2013

Long time- no see!
It's been some time since we have posted on our blog- mostly because we have been busy planning Volume 5 of the series.
For those of you following and working through the books here's the skinny on Volume 5...
Volume 5 will be all about Medallion quilts. But you don't have to love or even like Medallions to enjoy this book- more than anything this book is about pieced borders. So if you have always wondered how to make a pieced border fit your quilt- we can help you.
In this volume we will go in to the math and techniques for creating a pieced border to fit your quilt perfectly!
And if you happen to be into Medallion quilts- we will walk you through designing your own as well as sharing a number of new and old Medallion quilts with you!

Something to look forward too! We are just in the final stages of writing and making the quilts- we will turn the manuscript into C&T in June and it will likely be available for you to purchase late summer of 2014.
In the meantime- keep working on the projects and exercises in Volumes 1-4! And let us know if you have questions! We are always available to help!

Thanks! & Happy Quilting-
Harriet & Carrie


  1. How many volumes are in this series? With names like freshman sophomore, etc. I had figured 4 volumes....

  2. Looking forward to it and hope you think about piecing curves for your final instalment or perhaps your series will be so popular it will continue past a 6th book!!

  3. How exciting! Master's classes will be wonderful - will there be a Doctoral program?

  4. The Masters level book sounds exciting. If I recall correctly, there is a sixth book planned for the series - PhD/Doctoral level.

    I'm almost finished with the Freshman Year and planning color schemes for the Sophomore quilts.

  5. Yes the 5th volume sounds very interesting, sad that its more than a year away though :)
    I am working on the Double Nine Patch quilt in Volume one at the moment. Loving the series so far!!

  6. Very exciting news. I'm definitely looking forward to Vol. 5.


  7. Since you published your last entry in January, do you have any firm dates for Quilter's Academy Volume 5: Master Year of Pieced Borders and Medallion Quilts? By any possibility will it be released before January 1, 2014?
    Definitely looking forward to the newest addition.

  8. This is exciting! I love all the other books in the series, and recommend them to anyone looking to start out or advance their skills. Can't wait for the new one!

  9. I love the Quilters' Academy Books and am very much looking forward to Volume 5. Do you have any information when it should be available?